Care Instructions

Wood Boards

  • HAND WASH ONLY.....DON’T put it in the dishwasher. Wood is a beautiful natural material that has the ability to both bring water into its grain as well as repel it. When too much water gets absorbed by wood it begins to expand and this is what makes a cutting board warp, bend and crack. In a dishwasher there is a lot of water and heat… not a friendly place for your new board.
  • DON’T let it soak in water. If you leave your board in water for too long, it will absorb too much water, and yep, it will bend and crack. 
  • DO NOT use vegetable or olive oil. These will become rancid and begin to smell.
  • DO either wipe down with just wet cloth or use a small amount of soap if necessary. 
  • DO dry immediately after washing. We don’t want any water absorbing into the wood.
  • DO NOT USE A KNIFE ON EPOXY will scratch.
  • BOARD LOSING SHINE? APPLY FOOD SAFE MINERAL OIL. Mineral oil is the most commonly used option because it is a safe and cost effective way to keep your wood cutting board looking great for years. Apply the mineral oil using a clean cloth and spread evenly over the board. Let the oil set in for a few hours, or even let it set overnight if you can. Afterward, wipe the excess oil off using a dry cloth.