Our Story


Hi, thank you for checking out my site!
My name is Odedd and I live in sunny South Florida with my wife, three kids, and two dogs. I grew up working with my hands and always loved to build. I am a contractor but my hobby has been woodworking. Recently I have found a passion not just in woodwork but specifically Judaica. I enjoy making things that are not only beautiful but are part of your table, home and traditions. It’s not just about the products, but their meaning, the home they end up in, and how they are used that brings me joy. Our family truly believes that the best memories are made gathered around the table and we hope to be a part of yours!
So take a look around my site and remember there are no two items that are the same - which makes it that much more special! If you want to custom make something send me a message! You may end up speaking to my wife, as I spend my time in the shop, she does everything else..Thank G-d ☺️.
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Thank you for being here, supporting and following my journey!

Made in the USA

Each product featured on this site is proudly handcrafted by Odedd in Hollywood, FL and made from natural wood and lots of love to create a one-of-a-kind gift!

We hope that Dayan Designs will become a part of your beautiful home and traditions!